Ambassador - Christin Hoffstadt

 	Ambassador-ChristinHoffstadt.jpg width=Running was always part of a sport for me growing up. Whether it was soccer or tennis or basketball, I was always running; usually, towards a ball. After my collegiate tennis career, I decided to try running as a sport of its own in 2013. Without scheduled practices and weight sessions, I knew I would need something to keep me in shape as I moved in to adult life. I was living in Charleston, SC in 2014 when I met the man of my dreams who I followed to Norfolk in 2016. We are now engaged and are getting married in September of this year! I have explored Hampton Roads and met wonderful people all through running; it is one of the most magical things I have discovered about the sport. I have found Running Etc. to be a go-to store for me with the friendly, knowledgeable staff and all the best running gear. I am beyond excited to join the ambassador team as I move towards my 2017 running goals. I hope to break 3 in the marathon this year and cut below the 1:25 mark in the half! I look forward to achieving my goals as a member of the Running Etc. Ambassador Team. Together, anything is possible!