Ambassador - David Mick

 	Ambassador-DavidMick1.pngI ran my first race in 2011 and I’ve been running ever since. Running has helped get in shape, quit smoking, and even lead to me meeting my wife. Running has brought me so much happiness and so many memories. I’ve had the opportunity to run all types of races and distances. In the future I hope to start running more ultra races. My favorite part about running is the people. No matter what type of run everyone seems to be positive and happy. Whether it’s a fun run or a race the people are always happy. Yes, even at the end of a marathon when everyone is miserable, there is still that connection amongst all the runners that we are still about to achieve something great. That’s really what it is for me now. Running is about the community. I look forward to running with you all and hearing why you run. Don’t worry, I’m a talker and will definitely have no problem sharing my running stories.