Ambassador - Doug Burghart

 	Ambassador-DougBurghart2.pngMy journey started in 2012 after my wife asked me to watch her when she ran down the street. At that time, I was 230 lbs and wanted to find a way to lose weight plus I just wanted to feel better. During this time, I found out my mom had cancer. So, I started running and changed to a plant based diet. After one year, I lost 60 lbs and ran my first half marathon. Then I signed up for my first marathon. While I was racing, I fell at mile 13 and suffered a shattered right hip. With a year of rehab and three screws later, I started to run again. But this time with a new outlook on life and running, I stopped worrying about time when I completed a race or pace but simply to enjoy every run I complete even if it was good or bad. The best part about the whole thing was the people I met through my journey. I also joined some amazing running groups in the area. In this past year I completed my first marathon “ MCM” and two Ultras, a Biffledinked 10x5 and Seashore 50K.