Ambassador - Glenn Edwards

 	Ambassador-GlennEdwards2.pngI started my running Journey in 2014 at the age of 53. I had never run before and was interested in the challenge. I quickly became hooked on seeing how far I could run each time out. Before long, I was running a full mile without stopping. My entire outlook changed when I discovered our running community. Learning proper running techniques/forms and socializing with people who have a passion for fitness was the best experience I have ever had. In 2016 I joined NERC (North End Running Club) where we follow 3 goals, Get Outside. Be Active. Explore your City. The relationships and accountability I have found in this club have inspired me to lead a wonderful smaller group of some of the best runners and friends you could ask for. We call this group FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). We have become a Family of Runners. We train hard, and we run harder. It was through this group where I was able to train all Winter and run my first half marathon in 2018 at The Shamrock. I finished with a set goal pace of 10:30, and completed in 2:20 min. I have completed many 5K, 8K, 10K races since I started running. I have set many PR’s and picked up a couple of age group awards. I believe all you need to start running is to show up. Find an accounta-buddy and get running.