Ambassador - Jennifer St. Martin

 	Ambassador-JenniferStMartin2.pngI’ve always been a very active person, and played a variety of sports. Growing up, swimming was my favorite. I started running at the suggestion of my high school swim coach; and I fell in love. I love how social running is. Having conversations while swimming laps is really hard! I’ve love the feeling of setting and accomplishing goals. When I first decided to get serious about running again, I set a goal to run 20 half marathons; I crushed that goal in November 2017 at the Norfolk Harbor Half Marathon!

My 2018 goal was to run a full marathon. I ran two - Shamrock and Marine Corps.Next to my family, running is my serious relationship. Now that things have gotten pretty serious, I am proud to announce that I have said “yes!” The date is set. On October 13, 2019 I will nervously lace up my shoes, and walk down to the start line of my very first 50k!When I’m not running, I can be found experimenting in my kitchen. I, also, enjoy weightlifting. My favorite rest day activity is volunteering at races, and being able to watch my friends accomplish their goals.I am so humbled and honored for the opportunity to represent Running Etc. They are an amazing company that does so much for the community. I’m excited, and I really look forward to sharing many miles with new people I meet.

  • Favorite distance: Half Marathon
  • Favorite pre-race meal: Coconut Rice with Chicken, and a Guinness
  • Favorite post-race snack: DONUTS!!!
  • Favorite workout: Bridge Repeats (but I’ll only admit that when I’m done)
  • Most memorable race: Shamrock Marathon 2018 (it was my first!)
  • Dream Race: The Boston Marathon (I’m an MA native)