Ambassador - Kari Tallent

Ambassador-KariDrescherTallent2.jpgI have always been an active person, but I never really got into running until after I did my first 5k while at Army Officer training in Oklahoma City (it was terrible). Before that I had only ran the 2 mile distance required for the physical fitness tests. Being the naturally competitive person I am, I had to get better than that so I continued to run 5k’s. Eventually I wanted a bigger challenge so I signed up for the Army 10 miler in 2010, IT WAS AWESOME!! I had never seen crowds that big cheering or even been to DC. At that time I was strictly running for fitness and health, now I have added competition as well. I met my now husband in 2015 and he introduced me to the local running groups and most importantly guided me to Running Etc. to get properly fitted for shoes. Once properly outfitted and actually training I was PRing my races and then actually placing (holy smokes!). I began running with the Running Etc. group out of the Norfolk store on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and truly enjoy the comradery and workouts. I have run local races and even destination races. I have never run a full Marathon, but have run all other distances to include 3 very different and challenging 50k’s. My wedding was held just after crossing the finish line at the 2017 Shamrock half marathon with the love of my life and running partner. Every time I go into any of the Running Etc. stores I always see someone I know and everyone is exceptionally friendly and accommodating. It is a privilege to be a part of the ambassador team and I look forward to running with you all over the next year.