Ambassador - Kerry Mitchell

 	Ambassador-KerryMitchell2.pngThrough coercion from my older sister, I started running during my first year at UVA in 2010. I kept going with it throughout college, but having never really considered myself much of an athlete and certainly not a real runner, it was mostly a means to stay in shape while playing on the club ultimate frisbee team. I ran a handful of local 5ks during college, but in 2014 I signed up for the Monument Avenue 10k, my first big race. Crossing the finish line in Richmond that year was what really got me hooked, and from there I ran my first half marathon in 2015. I've run four other half marathons since then, plus countless 10ks, 5ks, and more - nothing beats the excitement and satisfaction of race day, no matter the distance!

Since moving to Norfolk in May 2018, I've expanded my running horizons to include speed training, running with groups, and actively chasing time goals - all things that I used to think were for "fast" and "real" runners only. This year my goals are to complete my first full marathon, break 24 minutes in the 5k, and prove to my Girls on the Run team and anyone else who hasn't learned it yet that winning races is great, but running is about so much more than that, and that it's truly for everyone.