Ambassador - Luke Lesinski

 	Ambassador-LukeLesinski1I started running at a young age after I was dragged to my older brothers Saturday mornings Seashore runs during cross country season. It might have been a little forced in the beginning, but I’ve learned love it now and legitimately feel lost when I miss a run. I didn’t start consistently running until Fall 2017 when I joined the J&A Training Team. Joining the team, local run clubs, and crews have not only led me to live my best life, but also introduced me to some amazing people and our unique running community!

I’m not the fastest, but I run with the goal of being better at the finish than I was at the start. I’m stoked to be a Running Etc. Ambassador and look forward to running with you all in the future!

  • Most Memorable Race Experience: Definitely running the NYC Marathon in 2018; if you have a chance to do it, DO IT, it truly is indescribable.
  • Favorite Part of Running: The WALL. I love feeling absolutely terrible in a run because at that moment it’s only up to you act to change the outcome of the run.
  • Favorite Race: Shamrock Half Marathon
  • Favorite Running Song: Alive - Klingande
  • Favorite Time/Place to Run: Waking up the sun at the beach