Ambassador - Megan Cunningham

 	Ambassador-MeganCunningham2.pngIn elementary school, I joined the track team simply to miss a day of school by participating in our district track meet. What I did not know at the time was how big of a role running would come to play in my life. After high school, it seemed only natural to continue my running career in college and I was given the incredible opportunity to compete at the Division I level for my home state at the University of Missouri. While I have always loved running, the sport took on a whole new meaning in my life after my family and I were in a tragic car accident in July 2015. My injuries from the accident, from a broken neck to bleeding in my brain, left me unsure if I would ever be able to compete again. But, aside from my injuries, my life was turned upside down as the accident left my dad a quadriplegic. From that day forward, my outlook on running changed. Running became a way of pushing my limits and also a way of escaping the stress of life.

Now, as a first year medical student, running has become a much needed break from my studies and a great way of staying involved in my local community. I still love the challenge running provides and love the feeling of racing. This year I will be running my first marathon with the hope of qualifying for Boston 2020!