Todd Bernard

I have played sports my entire life and running was a way to help stay in shape, but I realized it was an excellent stress reliever and a great way to meet healthy-minded friends.  In Nov of 2017, I joined the J&A running club, started following a running plan and ran my first official race - the Shamrock Half Marathon in Mar 2018.  I enjoyed the experience and that kicked off my running in a big way.  Since that time, I’ve run multiple marathons, including the Marine Corp Marathon, the original Greece Marathon and the Chicago Marathon, plus countless half marathons, 10 milers, 10/8/5k races and ultras. I occasionally push for Team Hoyt and I am a pacer for RSC pacing.  In addition to all of the races, great friends and opportunities I have acquired via running, I also met my wife, Kim Bernard who is a Boston Marathoner, has run 42 marathons and a fellow ambassador who also keeps me accountable….win/win! I’m an RRCA running coach, RunningEtc Ambassador Alumni, Running Etc BrewCrew Run Club leader (with Kim), Waterman/Chix/Shack Crush’n Run coach and a member of Tidewater Striders, J&A, NERC, BURP, FOMO, Run757 and others….with plans to join/run with other local run clubs! I’m excited to be chosen as a Running Etc Ambassador and look forward to continue representing the best running store ever…RUNNING ETC!!