Ambassador - William Tallent

Ambassador-WilliamTallent.jpgHello all, I am a 39-year-old runner, firefighter and most importantly father to an amazing 5-year-old son. I started my running journey seven years and one month ago as an overweight, out of shape guy who was fed up with his current condition. My blood pressure was high, I was winded coming up steps and let’s face it, I wasn’t very good at life at the time. I had to do something, so as an avenue of fitness, I chose the most natural, RUNNING! I started out just running to work, just me and my crap pair of “running” shoes I had bought from a place that will remain nameless. Luckily for me, this new change was just right for me and came at a perfect time. I had my old friend from the Navy move to town just two months later and it just so happens, he knew a thing or two about running himself. Soon after, I was entering my first race, talking about marathons and low and behold stopping by Running Etc. to get my first real pair of running shoes. Since then, I’ve become an avid runner, met hundreds of friends and became not just a dad but an active dad. I look forward to serving as a Running Etc. Ambassador this year in hopes that I can inspire someone else to take the plunge, or stay the course of the journey they may have already started.

  • Favorite Distance: Half Marathon
  • Favorite Workout: Long Run (that’s where the best friendships are developed)
  • Most Memorable Race: 2017 Shamrock (I GOT MARRIED AFTER!)
  • Dream Race: Vol State 500