Hyper Ice Hyper Volt 2


Hypervolt 2

The original Hypervolt with some serious upgrades - lighter, more powerful, and a newly designed ergonomic handle. Give your muscles the daily relief they've been asking for with the Hypervolt 2's percussion massage. Warm up quickly, stay loose, and accelerate recovery at home and beyond - so you’re ready to tackle whatever comes next.

  • Promotes circulation
  • Accelerates warmup and recovery
  • Self Myofascial release
  • Five interchangeable heads
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery with 3+ hours of use per charge
  • Three speed settings for optimum power
  • LED Pressure Sensors and Battery Level indicators
  • Brushless high-torque 60w motor
  • Featuring Quiet Glide™ technology
  • Cordless, lightweight design for ease of use anywhere

$299 SALE $249

12/4/22 through 12/15/22