Zensah Face Mask


Face Mask

  • Great for exercise – The moisture wicking, antimicrobial, anti-odor, quick drying, and comfortable fabric make these masks ideal for running, walking, and working out!
  • Safer than cotton – Cotton masks trap moisture and provide a breeding ground for potentially dangerous bacteria, while still letting a large percentage (up to 97%) of particles pass through.
  • Comfort Straps – Double wraparound strap design doesn’t tug ears, softly hugs the face
  • Ergonomical design – Elastic properties of the mask, as well as shape, allow it to follow the contours of the face, providing ultimate comfort
  • Washing Instructions – Machine wash warm, air dry


****These masks are NOT medical grade and will NOT prevent you from contracting COVID-19. The most effective way to do so is to follow all CDC guidelines regarding washing your hands and practicing social distancing****.