Amphipod Swift-Clip Luminator Rechargeable Cap Headlamp


Swift-Clip Luminator Rechargeable Cap Headlamp

  • Powerful 3-LED design delivers up to 250 max solid beam lumens 
  • Innovative patented center-of-gravity engineered design positions the LED housing close to the base of your brim optimizing physics and weight distribution for maximum comfort and performance
  • 3 solid brightness modes provide versatile wide beam illumination
  • Precision engineered design securely attaches to just about any cap brim with easy adjust attachment clips
  • Multi-use versatility - swap from your go-to running cap to your everyday favorite!
  • Super lightweight design - only 1.75 ounces!
  • USB rechargeable design means no batteries to replace!
  • Easy push button on/off
  • 2-hour charge time (USB charging cable included) – indicator lets you know when it’s fully charged

Hat not included