Amy Robinson - Sales Associate

Amy has been an athlete her entire life. Running was a means to stay in shape for the other sports that she enjoyed. In 1997, after the birth of her 3rd child, she decided to focus on running. In 1998, she ran her first marathon. Amy is a dedicated wife, mother and athlete. She is up early to fit in her morning run around a busy home life. Her list of racing accomplishments includes 18 marathons and over 10 half marathons. Amy lives in Virginia Beach with her husband Jim, who is a competitive swimmer, and their daughters, Molly, Kelly and Caroline.

  • Favorite Race: Twin Cities Marathon - the course is gorgeous and the crowd support is fantastic!
  • Most memorable race: Her first marathon - there is no feeling like completing your first marathon!
  • Favorite pre-race meal: Spaghetti with red sauce and a salad