Theresa Lynch - Product Guru

Theresa was born and raised in Portsmouth, Virginia. She has been working at Running Etc. since 2014 and has been a Running Etc. customer as long as she can remember. She ran cross country in High School to train for soccer. Her true love for running came years later after having kids. There’s a lot to be said about sharing miles with her “stroller buddies.” Theresa trained for her first half marathon in 2010 and will never forget that fantastic feeling of crossing her first half marathon finish line. Soon after that race, she decided to run her first full marathon and registered for the 2011 Marine Corps Marathon. Completing the MCM was an amazing experience. Theresa is a military spouse, mother of four great kids, and has two dogs that regularly run with her. She is a volunteer cross country and track coach at her daughters’ school and spends a lot of days dog-walking in Ghent. Some of her best friendships began by sharing the miles with other runners on the streets and trails of Hampton Roads.

  • Most memorable race: The 2012 Shamrock Half Marathon
  • Favorite Distance: 8k
  • Favorite pre-race meal: Pizza
  • Favorite work-out: Long slow distance