Andrew Hoffer - Product Manager

Andrew has been running most of his life. He played soccer in high school and always viewed running as punishment or something he had to do while served 10 years in the Navy. Later in life, he decided to get in shape for an adult soccer league by running a few miles at a time. He quickly became addicted and began to enjoy running. Andrew entered some local 5k road races, which escalated into 8k’s, 13.1’s, marathons and ultramarathons. After dabbling in triathlons, he has now settled into a career of masters running. Andrew joins the Running ETC. team after a career in education. He loves being a part of the Hampton Roads running community.


  • Favorite distance: 10 miles
  • Favorite pre-race meal: Eggplant Parmesan
  • Favorite workout: Fartlek
  • Most memorable race: Boston Marathon 2014
  • Dream Race: Turkey Trot 5k, Millersville, PA