John Lomogda - Manager Norfolk

John is a Norfolk native. He began his running career in 1993 while working as a lifeguard at Norfolk's Ocean View Beaches. He became hooked on triathlons and road races and was sponsored by Running Etc. After graduating from Old Dominion University, John worked in law enforcement for seven years before joining the Running Etc. team in 2003. He is very passionate about running and triathlons and loves to experience the excitement of new athletes. In addition to running, John enjoys reading, playing golf and coaching his son in basketball and tennis. In road races he has competed in everything from 5Ks to a 50K Ultra. Additionally he enjoys bike racing and triathlons ranging in distances from sprints to Half Ironman Events. His oldest son, Jonathan, is also an accomplished runner and ran for Yale University. John lives in Norfolk with his wife Julie and their two younger children, Eli and Sylvie.

  • Most memorable race: Peachtree Road Race 10k, 2004
  • Favorite race distance: 8k
  • Favorite pre race meal: Cheese pizza
  • Favorite workout: 6 x 800, 90 seconds recovery
  • Dream race: Great Wall of China Marathon